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T h e P e n n s y l v a n i a D e p a r t m e n t o f Transportation (PennDOT) District 5 recently replaced six overhead bridges located consecutively along an 8-mile stretch of Interstate 78 (I-78) in western Berks County, Pa. This project, which spanned the 2016 and 2017 construction seasons, used accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques and featured the first implementation of full-height precast concrete cantilever abutments for PennDOT. The bridges were replaced to increase the minimum vertical clearance over I-78 from approximately 14 ft to 16 ft 6 in. and accommodate the future widening of I-78. As part of the project, approach roadways and ramps were reconstructed to accommodate the roadway profile and width modifications. A l l s i x r e p l a c e m e n t b r i d g e s a r e s i n g l e - s p a n p r e c a s t , p r e s t r e s s e d c o n c re t e b u l b - t e e b e a m b r i d g e s that include aesthetic features such as an architectural finish and color scheme. Most of the substructures c o n s i s t o f f u l l - h e i g h t c a n t i l e v e r a b u t m e n t s s u p p o r t e d o n s p re a d footings (one structure is supported on pile foundations). The use of ABC techniques under roadway closures reduced the average construction d u r a t i o n f o r e a c h s t r u c t u re f ro m one year to 45 calendar days. ABC t e c h n i q u e s u s e d o n t h e p r o j e c t i n c l u d e d t i m e - b a s e d b i d d i n g techniques and prefabricated bridge elements, such as precast concrete footings, stem pieces, pedestals, back walls, full-depth deck panels, approach slabs, sleeper slabs, and moment slabs. The table provides an overview for each of the six replacement bridges, highlighting the span lengths, widths, skews, number of precast concrete pieces, and number of calendar days for construction and noting if the bridge is located at an interchange. Time-Based Bidding After considering available options, the project team elected to apply an A + Bx time-based bidding approach for profile INTERSTATE 78 BRIDGE UNDERCLEARANCE PROJECT / BERKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEERS: Alfred Benesch & Company, Allentown, Pa. (engineer of record [EOR] for two bridges); Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson, Allentown, Pa. (EOR for two bridges); Erdman Anthony, Mechanicsburg, Pa. (EOR for one bridge); AECOM, Conshohocken, Pa. (EOR for one bridge) PRIME CONTRACTOR: HRI Inc., State College, Pa. PRECASTER: PennStress, Roaring Spring, Pa.—a PCI-certified producer Interstate 78 Bridge Underclearance Project by Brian Brawand, Alfred Benesch & Company State Route 4041 bridge cross section. Figure: Alfred Benesch & Company. Overview of the Six Berks County, Pa., Interstate 78 Replacement Bridges State Route No. Span Length, ft Deck Width, ft Skew, degrees Located at Interchange? No. of Precast Concrete Pieces No. of Calendar Days for Construction 183 121 53 17 Yes 126 40 419 133 50 30 Yes 146 58 4011 111 58 15 Yes 88 40 4041 115 46 0 Yes 86 44 4043 103 32 0 No 54 37 4045 104 32 0 No 40 40 12 | ASPIRE Winter 2019 P R O J E C T

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