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On March 22, 2013, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) opened the southbound I-85 Yadkin River Veterans Memorial Bridge to traffic, completing the major dual highway bridge crossings located between Charlotte and Greensboro, N.C. These bridges and their improved horizontal alignment replaced one of the most dangerous bridge crossings in North Carolina. The previous I-85 bridges were built in the 1950s and had become one of the most notorious bridge crossings in North Carolina. In addition to being narrow and unsafe, the condition of the existing bridges had become severely deteriorated. Designed to carry 10,000 vehicles per day, the bridges were subjected to 80,000 vehicles per day including heavy tractor-trailer traffic. The implementation of a cost-effective replacement solution was a dire need. Historic, Challenging Site The Yadkin River is one the largest rivers in North Carolina. The site of the I-85 Yadkin River Veterans Memorial Bridges is located where historical crossings have occurred and played key roles in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. This location has been developed to include a Duke Energy power plant and related railroad access on the southern bank; and the Norfolk Southern Railroad mainline, with a railroad bridge crossing the Yadkin River, and the Spencer Rail Yard on the northern bank. This location is also in the tail water of the High Rock Lake Reservoir and includes extensive wetlands on each side of the river. The site includes approximately 1500 ft of wetland crossing, 700 ft of water crossing, and an upland area adjacent to the railroad tracks. These features combine to severely limit access to the bridge site from the north, west, and east, and impose minor restrictions from the south. In addition to the owner, motorists, and local citizens, the proposed project involved stakeholders from the Army profile I-85 YADKIN RIVER VETERANS MEMORIAL BRIDGES / CHARLOTTE AND GREENSBORO, N.C. BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: STV / Ralph Whitehead Associates, Charlotte, N.C. PRIME CONTRACTOR: Flatiron-Lane Joint Venture, Salisbury, N.C. PRECASTER: Coastal Precast Systems, Chesapeake, Va., a PCI-certified producer To provide serviceability, the bridge utilizes continuous-for-live-load design and detailing for the prestressed concrete girder spans. Photo: Lane Construction Company. by Mark Robbins, STV / Ralph Whitehead Associates New dual highway bridges improve safety, accessibility I-85 Yadkin River Veterans Memorial Bridges 20 | ASPIRE , Winter 2014 P R O J E C T AspireBook_Win14.indb 20 12/10/13 12:53 PM

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