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T h e C o l o r a d o D e p a r t m e n t o f Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n ( C D O T ) b r i d g e department made the determination to replace the Pecos Street Bridge over I-70 because it was structurally deficient and rated poor. The structure spans six lanes on I-70, carries 130,000 vehicles per day, and is located less than a mile away from the heavily traveled I-70/I-25 interchange. For these reasons, it became readily apparent that minimizing disruption to traffic during construction would be a critical element in planning, designing, and constructing the replacement bridge. CDOT management and the Colorado Bridge Enterprise (CBE) made the decision that this replacement project was an excellent candidate for applying accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques in an effort to significantly re d u c e i m p a c t s t o t h e t r a v e l i n g public. During preliminary design, an ABC evaluation was conducted that confirmed this decision. CBE provided most of the project funding. This project was slated initially to be only a bridge replacement project, but after site visits, it was determined that there were traffic operation a n d g e o m e t r i c d e f i c i e n c i e s t h a t warranted improvements. The traffic study evaluated 15 alternatives and showed that the best solution was to replace the two traffic signals at each ramp intersection with two modern roundabouts. Design Considerations Aligned in a north-south direction, Pecos Street marks a dividing line between an industrial area to the east, and the Sunnyside and Chaffee Park neighborhoods to the west. Small communities of local retailers on the fringe of the interchange provide services and goods contributing to the vitality of the area. It was determined during the design process this was an area of environmental justice, which meant any taking of land or right of way purchases for roadway profile PECOS STREET OVER I-70 / DENVER, COLORADO BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: Wilson & Company, Denver, Colo. GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Kiewit Infrastructure Group, Littleton, Colo. POST-TENSIONING CONTRACTOR: VSL, Denver, Colo. Rendering of new Pecos Street Bridge over I-70 facing east. Figure: Prepared by Digital Adrenalin for Colorado Department of Transportation. by Tamara Hunter-Maurer, Colorado Department of Transportation, and Tom Melton, Wilson & Company Accelerated bridge construction techniques significantly reduce impacts to the traveling public Bridge Replacement: Pecos Street over I-70 24 | ASPIRE , Winter 2014 P R O J E C T AspireBook_Win14.indb 24 12/10/13 12:54 PM

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