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F O C U S 6 | ASPIRE , Winter 2014 An impressive reputation in its home state of Indiana has gained Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN) a long list of repeat customers at the state and local level. Now, the company has begun to grow aggressively, leveraging its value- engineering expertise and ability to find creative solutions to demanding challenges. ÒWe receive 90 to 95% of our business from repeat customers because of the high quality of service we provide,Ó says James Longest, president of the Indianapolis-based firm. ÒBecause of the quality of the staff we have retained, and our focus on inter nal quality control, we produce a product that exceeds our customersÕ expectations.Ó Adds Thomas Longest, executive vice president, ÒWe pride ourselves on creating a product with a more efficient and cost-effective solution than any other company could produce.Ó Now, they are using their reputation and diverse expertise to gain customers in other geographic regions. ÒWe are absolutely in growth mode,Ó says Thomas Longest. ÒWe are looking to expand our geographic footprint with great success, while continuing to explore strategic hubs for operational efficiencies.Ó The firm currently operates from four offices and could add more, Thomas Longest says. ÒWe will open new offices when they are needed, but we lean extensively on our home office.Ó That staff, he notes, has working experience with 38 departments of transportation (DOTs). Efficient Designs Dominate Its base of repeat customers is notable because many designs are not the large, signature bridges that other firms use as launching points. ÒShowcase bridges are not the majority of what we do,Ó says Michael L. McCool Jr., bridge department manager. ÒWe create designs that are efficient, low cost, and durable, and that gains us notice.Ó An example is the Rockport Road Bridge over Clear Creek in Monroe County, Ind. The bridge was designed as a single-span, prestressed concrete I-beam structure with integral end bents and a concrete deck. The design eliminated any piers in the channel and minimized channel work. The project was a state finalist in the Engineering Excellence Competition of Innovation Drives Expansion by Craig A. Shutt Beam, Longest and Neff expands from its Indiana base with new concrete techniques that create distinctive designs and lower costs The replacement Rockport Road Bridge over Clear Creek in Monroe County, Ind., is a single-span, prestressed concrete I-beam bridge with integral end bents and a concrete deck. All Photos: Beam, Longest and Neff. AspireBook_Win14.indb 6 12/10/13 12:53 PM

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