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On May 24, 2012, the mayors of Ocean City and Somers Point, N.J., hosted a grand opening ceremony for the new, 3-mile-long Route 52 Causeway that connects these seaside communities. Somers Point is located on mainland New Jersey, while Ocean City, a major tourist destination, lies on a peninsula to the southeast. Great Egg Harbor Bay separates the two cities and includes several small islands and four channels, two of which are navigable. The original Route 52 Causeway over the bay consisted of four bridges: two low-level causeway bridges in the middle and a drawbridge at each end. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) maintained these causeway bridges that were 1.1 miles long and in constant need of repair and in critical need of replacement. Highway and marine traffic increased dramatically in the 70 years since the bridge was built. The narrow lanes and lack of shoulders contributed to frequent backups, more prevalent with the increase in drawbridge openings caused by a greater volume of marine traffic. A major safety concern was the potential of storm-driven waves to wash over the low causeways, making them impassable—a significant issue as Route 52 is designated a critical coastal evacuation route for the area. Project Split - Two Contracts Due to the condition of the existing bridges, NJDOT split the scope of work into two staggered construction contracts. Contract A replaced the two deteriorated low level causeway bridges, while Contract B encompassed replacement of both drawbridges and profile NEW JERSEy ROuTE 52 CAuSEWAy / OCEAN CITy AND SOMERS POINT, NEW JERSEy BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: Michael Baker Jr. Inc., Hamilton, N.J. PRIME CONTRACTOR (CONTRACT A1): George Harms Construction Company, Howell, N.J. PRIME CONTRACTOR (CONTRACT B): Route 52 Constructors: A Joint Venture of G.A. & F.C. Wagman Inc., york, Pa., and R.E. Pierson Construction Co. Inc., Pilesgrove, N.J. CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE SUPPLIER (CONTRACT A1): Clayton Companies, Lakewood, N.J. CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE SUPPLIER (CONTRACT B): Clayton Companies, Lakewood, N.J., and R.E. Pierson Construction Co. Inc., Pilesgrove, N.J. PRECASTER: Bayshore Concrete Products Corp., Bay Charles, Va., a PCI-certified producer New Jersey Route 52 Causeway by Maher (Mike) Sidani and Joseph Romano, Michael Baker Jr. Inc., and David Lambert and Frank Inverso, New Jersey Department of Transportation Ribbon-in-space design solves horizontal and vertical alignment challenges Overall view of the Route 52 Causeway from the Ocean City side, showing low level, high level, and curved alignments. All photos: Stokes Creative Group Inc. 12 | ASPIRE , Winter 2013 P R O J E C T AspireBook_Win13.indb 12 12/28/12 11:39 AM

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