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With a little creativity, teamwork, and technical know-how, a contractor and their construction engineer were able to develop an alternative approach to the Marble Falls Bridge replacement project that won the contract and ultimately saved construction costs and time. S t a r t e d i n D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 0 , t h e $28.65 million demolition and bridge replacement project is already ahead of its expected four-year construction s c h e d u l e . T h e f i r s t o f t w o n e w segmental bridges carrying U.S. 281 over the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Tex., opened to traffic in December 2012. The twin bridges will carry two lanes each to replace a functionally obsolete steel truss bridge that was built in 1936. Designed by the Texas D e p a r t m e n t o f Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n 's (TxDOT's) bridge division, the crossings include 6-ft-wide sidewalks and a fully lighted substructure and surface lighting, creating a beautiful backdrop to downtown Marble Falls. U.S. 281 is a major north-south highway from the Canadian border to the Mexico border, and serves as an important evacuation route for the area. The 958-ft-long, straight bridge, on a vertical grade of 1.3%, consists of two parallel, three-span, variable-depth, single cell, cast-in-place, concrete segmental box girder superstructures with span lengths of 274, 410, and 274 ft. There were several factors leading to the selection of a segmental design: profile U.S. 281 Bridge over the Colorado river / Marble Falls, Tex. BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: Texas Department of Transportation, austin, Tex. ALTERNATE SUPERSTRUCTURE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER: FINleY engineering Group Inc., Tallahassee, Fla. CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING INSPECTION: Texas Department of Transportation, austin, Tex. PRIME CONTRACTOR: archer Western Contractors, atlanta, Ga. CONCRETE SUPPLIER: Ingram readimix Inc., New braunfels, Tex. POST-TENSIONING CONTRACTOR, FORM TRAVELER, AND POST-TENSIONING MATERIALS SUPPLIER: Vsl, Fort Worth, Tex. Panoramic view of completed northbound bridge across the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Tex. All photos: Archer Western Contractors. U.S. 281 Bridge by Robert Alonso, FINLEY Engineering Group Tailor-made work approach saves time, money at Marble Falls crossing over the Colorado River 10 | asPIre , spring 2013 P R O J E C T MarbleFalls_Spr13.indd 10 4/1/13 11:15 AM

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