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6 | ASPIRE , Summer 2013 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Editor, Could you please send me a new copy of the Spring 2013 issue of ASPIREā„¢? I lent my first copy to students. ASPIRE is an excellent magazine. I regularly share my copy with my students. John R. Sladek Saint Martin's University Civil Engineering Lacey, Wash. Editor, In the Fall 2012 issue of ASPIRE, there was an article on the curved, spliced, U-girders in Florida. I thought you might be interested in recent developments. The June 6, 2013, issuance of Structures Design Bulletin 13-07 (SDB 13-07) by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), with approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), shows the commitment of these organizations to bring the innovative technology of straight and curved, spliced pretensioned/post-tensioned U-girder bridges to Florida. In addition, the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) has shown tremendous leadership by commencing the final design for several spliced, pretensioned/ post-tensioned U-girder bridge projects. SDB 13-07 gives definitive design recommendations, complimented by the PCI's Zone 6 standards and "Curved Precast Concrete Bridges State-of- the Art Report," and opens the door for a new structure type in Florida. I would like to acknowledge the foresight of FDOT, OOCEA, and FHWA, the cooperation of Colorado DOT and industry professionals in Colorado for their assistance in sharing U-Beam technology, sponsorship by PCI, and the efforts of numerous individuals who have been forerunners and also guided the development of the spliced U-Beam concept. In an era, now more than ever, where structural performance goes hand-in-hand with economy, spliced, pretensioned/post-tensioned U-girder bridges importantly provide design flexibility and will encourage and promote healthy industry competition. Robert B. Anderson URS Tampa, Fla. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation highlighted its accelerated bridge program with a theatre-themed booth at the International Bridge Conference. Photo: Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Happy 30th Birthday, IBC! June 2-5, 2013, bridge-industry professionals converged in Pittsburgh, Pa., for the 30th International Bridge Conference. ASPIRE staff and contributors thank IBC for a great show. Congratulations also go to Massachusetts, the featured state, for a great exhibit. DELIVERING SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS After water, concrete is one of the most sustainable and widely used materials in the world. Fly ash plays an important role in increasing the sustainability of concrete. Headwaters Resources is the nation's leader in supplying quality fly ash. We can help you discover how to improve the performance of your concrete while simultaneously improving its environmental profile. Visit for answers to the most common questions about fly ash. You can also contact your expert Headwaters Resources technical support representative for advice on your specific sustainability opportunities. Book_Sum13.indb 6 7/1/13 6:56 AM

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