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T h e I n t e r s t a t e 3 5 ( I - 3 5 ) c o r r i d o r widening project in Norman, Okla., is proving to be another seminal effort in the field of aesthetic master planning because of the unusual concentrated focus on sequential bridges and highway walls within a single community. Highway travelers and pedestrians will gradually discover the history and story of the city while commuting through this north-south interstate corridor. Each bridge and highway wall tells part of the overall story of the City of Norman. The project began when the Oklahoma Art in Public Places Division (OAIPP) engaged an aesthetic design firm to develop an aesthetic master plan for the I-35 corridor. Gary Ridley, secretary of transportation, Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) wrote of the role of the aesthetic design firm, "You have provided ODOT with initial design concepts, helped us through the community involvement process, worked closely with our highway contractors, and provided us with a high-quality product in a timely manner that adds value to the end product that can't be achieved in any other way." The intention was to create an inventory of designs that can be incorporated throughout the greater highway system. The introduction of aesthetics into the transportation system is an important step in enhancing the quality of life for both the community and for people visiting the city. The exploration and development of aesthetic transportation design is an increasingly essential component of successful transportation p ro j e c t s . I n i n c re a s i n g n u m b e r s , departments of transportation across the country have collaborated with designers to integrate aesthetics into their transportation infrastructure. Eight interchanges are included in the design of the I-35 corridor aesthetic master plan. The project includes aesthetics for one set of retaining walls, two bridges that will be retrofitted, and six bridges that will be demolished and rebuilt. All designs will be based on Norman, Okla., culture and aesthetics. By widening I-35, the ODOT and the city of Norman desired to • provide additional capacity for traffic without sacrificing too much of the remaining natural environment, • encourage safety along this highway corridor by introducing additional pedestrian amenities, and • promote community identity through the implementation of aesthetics for a series of transportation enhancements. The most successful transportation projects employ context-sensitive solutions during the initial aesthetic design profile INTERSTATE 35 CORRIDOR / NORMAN, OkLAHOMA ClIENT: Oklahoma Art in Public Places Division, Norman, Okla. MASTER PlAN DESIGN CoNSulTANT: Creative Design Resolutions Inc., Brentwood, Md. SPECIAlTy STAIN AND FoRM-lINER FABRICAToR: Creative Form Liners Inc., Brentwood, Md. Bridge Theme Description u.S. 77 Interchange Prairie Prairie lands and the natural environment before settlements Tecumseh Street Bridge Tecumseh the Shawnee Nation Shawnee Nation and their renowned Chief Tecumseh, for whom the street is named Rock Creek Road Bridge Horses in Motion The quarter horse industry as well as the historic cowboys' horses; Rock Creek Road leads west towards Norman horse farms. Robinson Street Bridge Railroad Importance of the railroad in the City of Norman's history; Robinson Street crosses the railroad tracks and leads east towards the Santa Fe Railroad depot. Main Street Bridge Land Run of 1889 Historic claiming of land and settlement; this bridge leads to historic downtown Norman. Lindsey Street Bridge university of Oklahoma Extension of the Cherokee Gothic style of architecture found at the university, which is accessed by Lindsey St. SH-9 East Interchange Lake Aquatics This bridge draws inspiration from nearby Lake Thunderbird, which is accessed by SH-9 East. SH-9 West Interchange Agriculture and the Chickasaw Nation Agriculture and ancient Chickasaw designs; agricultural felds and the Chickasaw Nation are near this bridge. by James J. Handy Sr. and Steven Weitzman, Creative Design Resolutions Inc. Eight consecutive I-35 bridge designs showcase Oklahoma's history Interstate 35 Corridor 30 | ASPIRE , Fall 2013 P R O J E C T Book_Fall13ASPIRE.indb 30 9/6/13 12:05 PM

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