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ASPIRE , Summer 2012 | 55 C O N C R E T E C O N N E C T I O N S This Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) blog contains photographs taken during construction of the Willamette River Bridges described on page 36. There is also a link to two webcams. The article about the Willamette River Bridges mentions Conde B. McCullough, a former Oregon state bridge engineer. More information about Conde McCullough and his bridges is available at this website. More information about the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Maine and described on page 32 is available at this Maine DOT website. Visit this website for more information about the new Route 52 Visitors Center Bridge in New Jersey mentioned in the article on page 16. projects/west_mesquite_interchange_design-build_project.aspx This Nevada DOT website contains information about the West Mesquite Interchange at I-15 design-build project described on page 28. The Bridge Preservation Guide mentioned on pages 40 (FHWA article) and 53 (CBP article by Ball) may be downloaded from this website. This website provides a toolbox containing bridge-related links on bridge preservation. Environmental The Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO's Technical Assistance Program offers a team of experts to assist transportation and environmental agency officials in improving environmental performance and program delivery. The Practitioner's Handbooks provide practical advice on a range of environmental issues that arise during the planning, development, and operation of transportation projects. This website contains the Transportation and Environmental Research Ideas (TERI) database. TERI is the AASHTO Standing Committee on Environment's central storehouse for tracking and sharing new transportation and environmental research ideas. Suggestions for new ideas are welcome from practitioners across the transportation and environmental community. Sustainability The Federal Highway Administration has launched an internet- based resource designed to help state and local transportation agencies incorporate sustainability best practices into highway and other roadway projects. The Sustainable Highways Self-Evaluation Tool, currently available in beta form, is a collection of best practices that agencies can use to self-evaluate the performance of their projects and programs to determine a sustainability score in three categories: system planning, project development, and operations and maintenance. Bridge Technology Previous issues of ASPIREā„¢ are available as pdf files and may be downloaded as a full issue or individual articles. Information is available about subscriptions, advertising, and sponsors. You may also complete a reader survey to provide us with your impressions about ASPIRE. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC) website provides information to promote quality in concrete bridge construction as well as links to the publications of its members. This website contains 68 issues of HPC Bridge Views, an electronic newsletter published jointly by the FHWA and the NCBC to provide relevant, reliable information on all aspects of high-performance concrete in bridges. nEW This Florida DOT website contains information about curved precast spliced U-girder bridges. Links are provided to concept drawings and presentations about Colorado precast girders, development of precast spliced U-beam construction, and PCI Zone 6 standards. The FHWA report titled Accelerated Bridge Construction: Experience in Design, Fabrication, and Erection of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems may be downloaded from this website. Bridge Research Searching for transportation infrastructure-related reports, fact sheets, and other publications? For a list of FHWA research reports and technical publications, visit this website. Research Results Digest 355 summarizing key findings from NCHRP Project 10-71 titled Cast-in-Place Concrete Connections for Precast Deck Systems is available from this National Cooperative Highway Research Program website. nEW NCHRP Report 698 titled Applications of Accelerated Bridge Construction Connections in Moderate-to-High Seismic Regions evaluates the performance of connection details for bridge members in accelerated bridge construction in medium-to-high seismic regions. nEW NCHRP Report 681 titled Development of a Precast Bent Cap System for Seismic Regions explores the development and validation of precast concrete bent cap systems for use throughout the nation's seismic regions. Concrete Connections is an annotated list of websites where information is available about concrete bridges. Fast links to the websites are provided at In thIs Issue ASPIREBook_Sum12_R02.indb 55 6/29/12 12:39 PM

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