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4 | ASPIRE , Winter 2011 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Editor, In the Fall 2010 issue of ASPIRE,™ the article on Eugène Freyssinet in the Perspective Section was excellent. The Editor's Note at the end of the article states that the paper by Ken Shushkewich from which the Perspective article came can be downloaded from the ASPIRE website. When will that be done? Calvin Stripling Burns & McDonnell Houston, Tex. Editor, I read with great interest the article on Eugène Freyssinet by Ken Shushkewich. At the end of the article there is an editor's note referring to a longer version of the paper, available from the ASPIRE website. Will it be posted soon? Andrew Taylor KPFF Consulting Engineers Seattle, Wash. Editor, I a m a b s o l u t e ly o ve r whe l m e d w i t h the production of "The Story of Eugène Freyssinet!" This has made my year. Please thank your layout people for the incredible job they did. It is terrific. Even the font for the title has a French flavor. Everything is perfectly presented on only two pages and shows the five world record span length bridges that Eugène Freyssinet designed and built. The rescue of the Le Havre Maritime Station explains how prestressing came to be accepted by the world (not a lot of people appreciate this story). The construction of the Luzancy Bridge is presented (not a lot of people know that this was the first precast segmental bridge built). Your edits have made the article enticing for the reader to want to learn more. Now I can appreciate the production process for ASPIRE which is quite complex and rigorous, and this is what makes it the best magazine in the marketplace today for bridge engineers. Ken Shushkewich KSI Bridge Engineers San Francisco, Calif. Editor, We wanted to thank you for the excellent job in presenting the Minnesota Local Bridge Scanning Tour in the Fall 2010 edition of ASPIRE Magazine. The layout, pictures, and credits of the article all turned out terrific. Also the feature article on the Minnesota Wakota Bridge turned out very nice in my opinion. We're already getting positive feedback from our county engineers on both articles. At some point in the near future, we would like to communicate these articles to all of our local agencies and Mn/DOT offices through the ASPIRE website. With that, can you give us an approximate time as to when this edition will be posted on the web? We ce rtainly look forward to future opportunities to showcase Minnesota's local concrete bridges and related efforts in the ASPIRE Magazine. Dave Conkel Minnesota Department of Transportation Oakdale, Minn. [Editor's Note] For all those readers who waited patiently for the Eugène Freyssinet article and the Minnesota Local Bridge Scanning Tour information to be posted on the ASPIrE website [www.], the files are now there! We invite you to read the fascinating article on Freyssinet and the exciting study undertaken by the state aid bridge office of the Minnesota DOT. On the website, select "Resources" and then "Referenced Papers." Editor, You do an excellent job with ASPIRE magazine! We are proud to be a part of sharing information with the magazine, advertising, and encouraging readership through our re prints of articles and distribution. Thanks for making a difference in our industry. Linda Figg FIGG Tallahassee, Fla. Editor, I always look forward to reading ASPIRE magazine. As landscape architects, we collaborate with creative structural engineers on the conceptual and detail development of specialty bridges and infrastructure. ASPIRE is an incredible asset to the industry with its emphasis on the synthesis of technical innovation and aesthetics. The presentation of the written and graphic information is highly accessible to the layperson. This is important to inform decision makers who value beauty as well as economy in our public works. Your magazine elegantly makes the case that these attributes of concrete are compatible. Congratulations to all at ASPIRE on your hard work and success. William Collins Simone Collins Landscape Architects Norristown, Pa. Editor, We would like to re print your article by Catherine Higgins of Utah DOT on our Utah Transportation report website [www.]. We would, of course, attribute your magazine. David Fierro H. W. Lochner Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah Editor's NotE Additional copies of ASPIrE may be purchased for a nominal price by writing to the Editor through "Contact Us" at the ASPIrE website, A free subscription can be arranged there using the "Subscribe" tab. Book_Win11.indb 4 1/4/11 2:33 PM

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