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T H E C O N C R E T E B R I D G E M A G A Z I N E w w w . a s p i r e b r i d g e . o r g S U M M E R 2 0 0 9 Bijou Street Bridge Colorado Springs, Colorado i-45 galveSton CauSeway Galveston County, Texas vanCouver land Bridge Vancouver, Washington lamBertS/BramBleton viaduCt Norfolk, Virginia Fox river Bridge North Aurora, Illinois Rigolets Pass Bridge Near Slidell, Louisiana 4 | ASPIRE , Fall 2009 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Editor, I wanted to share with you a comment I received from our client, Bob Friedenwald, senior advisor, The Confuence Project, regarding the article on the Vancouver Land Bridge [see ASPIrE™ Summer 2009, p. 26]: "Excellent article in ASPIrE on the Land Bridge. Congratulations! You provide a very interesting technical insight that clearly shows the uniqueness of this structure." I especially enjoyed the Aesthetics Commentary on the Vancouver Land Bridge. I am an admirer of the work that Frank Lloyd Wright completed during his lifetime, and being mentioned in the same paragraph as he, even as a passing reference is a great honor! Tim Shell KPFF Consulting Engineers Portland, Ore. [Editor's Note: We appreciate Tim's note. Also, we extend to him, his colleagues, and client, a heartfelt apology because we printed the wrong headline on the second page of the project profile (p.27). The correct headline should have read, "CAST-IN-PLACE REINFORCED CONCRETE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE / CITY OF VANCOUVER, OWNER"] Editor, [We received] three copies [of the Summer 2009 issue as requested], just to have enough to go around the offce. I ask because [three of us] were in picking up plans from the Arizona Department of Transportation and saw your magazine on a table. We were drawn to the advertisement on the lower half of page 21 in reference to the QuikDeck™ Suspended Access System. We were looking for such a system on a recent project we bid for ADOT. Ryan Withrow DBA Construction Inc. Phoenix, Ariz. Editor, I received today the Summer 2009 issue of ASPIrE. I immediately glanced through it. Great issue. The quality and value of the magazine is outstanding. You fnd new ways to improve upon perfection. Congratulations to [the ASPIrE] team. I enjoyed thoroughly reading several of the ar- ticles. Because of my interest in the condition of the nation's bridges, I paid particular attention to the Perspective article by Andrew Herrmann. When I reached the end of the second page I could not fnd the continuation of the sentence on the next page! What am I missing? Basile Rabbat Portland Cement Association Skokie, Ill. [Editor's Note: Dr. Rabbat was not the only one to spot our error. During layout, the final four words of the article were hidden under the graphic that follows the last sentence. Those words were "in the long run," so the last sentence provides wise advice and should have read, "However, if we do not invest now, we will end up paying more in the long run." Our sincere apologizes to author Andrew Herrmann!] (EDITORIAL continued from page 2) used in longitudinal joints between deck bulb-tee girders on a small bridge in the Village of Lyons in New York State. Within the joints, No. 6 epoxy-coated bars are developed with a 6-in. lap length and No. 4 epoxy-coated bars are developed with a 4-in. lap length. In laboratory tests, this joint sustained 9 million load cycles without water leakage through the joint. The article begins on page 28. How can such technology be used with adjacent box beams or with precast, full-depth bridge deck panels? Each owner and designer associated with this issue's articles is acknowledged as a leader in the industry, making wise investments on behalf of the public they serve. These projects are but a small slice of those being built throughout the country, and we will endeavor to continue to bring you the best and most innovative in every issue of ASPIrE! We hope you enjoy and benefit from their presentation. CH2M AD Extraordinary People, Performance, and Projects Marquette Interchange TB082009001MKE © 2009 CH2M HILL Benicia-Martinez Bridge Folsom Bridge As a global leader in program management, engineering, and construction, CH2M HILL partners with clients and communities to deliver the facilities and infrastructure that grow economies and enhance quality of life. • Optimize your facilities and infrastructure to increase effciencies and reduce life-cycle costs • Apply technology to create solutions that improve your competitive position • Partner with you to deliver your most challenging projects • Remain committed to sustainable economic development and environmental stewardship These objectives led CH2M HILL to become the forward-thinking group of more than 25,000 professionals that we are today, dedicated to helping clients overcome limitations and achieve that better world. ASPIRE_fall09.indb 4 9/11/09 2:50:47 PM

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