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The Pacific Street Bridge spans over the San Luis Rey River at the mouth of the lagoon where the river meets the Pacific Ocean at Oceanside, Calif. The river is one of the major river systems in the County of San Diego, but was blocked off from the ocean by a low- flow crossing connecting the residential communities on the south side to the businesses on the north side of the river. Contribution to the Community The Oceanside Harbor is home to the businesses catering primarily to recreation, such as restaurants, shops, charter fishing, and beach rentals. The original low-flow crossing was the only direct north-south connection over the river in the heart of Oceanside. It was subject to flooding and recurring washout during every major storm, crippling the residents and businesses in the area. The Pacific Street Bridge replaced the unstable, temporary nature of the crossing and was designed to withstand the 100-year storm, bringing peace of mind to the residents and businesses in the area. Design Challenges Addressed The Pacific Street Bridge is a four- span, post-tensioned, cast-in-place concrete structure with a unique S-curve alignment spanning 635 ft over the San Luis Rey River. Consideration had to be given to impacts of the bridge construction method on environmentally sensitive habitats in the area, quality of air, the river's wildlife, and hydrology of the river. All had to be considered and incorporated into the bridge type selection and design. The span lengths are 136, 181, 181, and 136 ft and the bridge is 53 ft 6 in. wide. The girder has a curved soffit with overall depth varying from 6 ft 3 in. at midspan to 8 ft 6 in. at the piers. The variable depth was selected to reduce the number of supports in the river and to create the illusion of an arched gateway to the ocean. The graceful horizontal and vertical curves of the bridge gave new meaning to the beauty created by a concrete structure. The post-tensioning comprised three tendons in each web for a total of 12. profile PACIFIC STREET BRIDGE OVER SAN LUIS REY RIVER / OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: T.Y. Lin International, San Diego, Calif. CIVIL ENGINEER: Willdan Engineering, San Diego, Calif. CONTRUCTION MANAGER: Harris & Associates, San Diego, Calif. PRIME CONTRACTOR: Flatiron, San Marcos, Calif. CONCRETE SUPPLIER: Palomar Transit Mix, San Diego, Calif. AWARDS: 2009 Honor Award, San Diego/Imperial Chapter, American Public Works Association; 2009 Outstanding Project, San Diego Section, American Society of Civil Engineers; The Best of 2008, Award of Merit, California Construction Magazine by Roya Golchoobian, T.Y. Lin International Pacific Street Bridge Gracefully curved cast-in-place concrete bridge brings peace of mind to community A view looking north at the Pacific Street Bridge over the San Luis Rey River at Oceanside, Calif. Photos: T.Y. Lin International. The graceful horizontal and vertical curves of the bridge gave new meaning to the beauty created by a concrete structure. 34 | ASPIRE , Spring 2010 Pacific Street Bridge_spr10-1.indd 34 4/30/14 11:15 AM

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