ASPIRE is a quarterly magazine published by PCI in cooperation with the associations of the National Concrete Bridge Council. The editorial content focuses on the latest technology and key issues in the Concrete Bridge Industry.

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4 | ASPIRE , Spring 2010 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Editor, Nice write up about Spencer Creek Bridge in ASPIRE™ [see ASPIRE Winter 2010, p. 16]. It turned out great and was a great job to be a part of. The article and pictures did a good job explaining the engineering and construction involved. Hope to work with both [the designer and the precaster] more in the future. Roger Silbernagel Slayden Construction Group Inc. Stayton, Ore. Editor, When you first sent me the list of projects for this issue I realized that the magazine would contain an embarrassment of riches. All of the bridges are worth comment. It's clear that the competitions sponsored by PCA and PCI and that ASPIRE itself are encouraging better bridge design throughout the U.S. I'm honored to be a small part of it. With these riches in mind, I feel that I should say a word about why I have commented on the bridges that I did. The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is the obvious candidate for commentary in this issue. It is an excellent bridge and an impressive accomplishment. It will also get much attention from many directions over the next few years. The more modest bridges also deserve attention, especially where they pioneer new ideas (the Ramp A Flyover) or fit perfectly into a sensitive environment (Pacific Street). So I have chosen to comment on them, with full confidence that the Hoover Dam Bypass will not be neglected. I can't wait to see what you will be bringing to the next issue. Fred Gottemoeller Bridgescape LLC Columbia, Md. Editor, I have been following the Gratz [Route 22] Bridge [see ASPIRE Winter 2010, cover, and pp. 10-11] closely as I am a bridge engineer at KTC. Great Article!! J. C. Pyles Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Frankfort, Ky. [Editor's Reply] We expect to publish a more detailed article about this bridge in a future issue. Editor, I plan to use some articles from ASPIRE Magazine as part of a bridge engineering course this spring. I was wondering if there is an easy mechanism for me to access previous issues of the magazine. The web link seems to only allow access back to Spring 2007. I am particularly interested in the AASHTO LRFD column authored by Professor Dennis Mertz. Brian D. Swartz Buchnell University Lewisburg, Pa. [Editor's Reply] Professor… ASPIRE was launched with the Winter 2007 issue (the only one not on the web). I have attached the Dr. Mertz LRFD article from that issue. [Professor Swartz' Response] Thanks for your quick reply. I didn't realize ASPIRE was such a new magazine. I think ASPIRE is a great resource for the classroom. It contains a lot of reading available about new technologies and interesting aspects of bridge engineering. It is also a good source of case studies that get the students more excited— they enjoy seeing real-world applications of the textbook principles. I have particularly found Dr. Mertz's column to cover complex concepts in straightforward language that is helpful for use in class. It's great that it is on the web and easily accessible for the students! EDITOR'S NOTE Additional copies of ASPIRE may be purchased for a nominal price by writing to the Editor through "Contact Us" at the ASPIRE website, www.aspirebridge. org. A free subscription can be arranged there using the "Subscribe" tab. Reader Response_spr10.indd 4 4/30/14 10:42 AM

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