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4 | ASPIRE , Summer 2010 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Editor, The article, SH58 ramp A Flyover Bridge [ASPIrE™ Spring 2010, pages. 28-31] contains an error in the project profile. DSI executed the longitudinal post-tensioning, not VSL. The post-tensioning was both at the Encon Bridge fabrication yard for the girders as well as on site for the spliced frames. Other than that, thank you for the credits in this issue. Ron Giesel DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. Long Beach, Calif. [Editor's Reply] Mr. Giesel… We apologize for the error. This information was checked with a usually reliable source. Turns out, DSI was involved in four of the six articles in that issue. Editor, Thanks for the additional copies of the Spring 2010 issue of ASPIrE. It was a real pleasure working with your staff on the Elwha Bridge article [Battling the Terrain, pages 24-26]. ASPIrE continues to be a great resource for both newcomers and the more experienced members of the community. I appreciate the well-rounded approach that covers different construction methods and latest updates on technical issues. I found out about your magazine about a year ago and immediately downloaded all the past issues. Any plans for a switch to a monthly publication rather than quarterly? I'd like to see more of the same, but more often! Scott Nelson Parsons Construction Group Sumner, Wash. Editor, I have been very impressed with the quality of the content in your magazine and the variety of the projects featured. Keep up the good work. Greg Redmond AVAR Construction Systems Fremont, Calif. Editor, I saw the Oregon article [Concrete Bridges in Oregon, Spring 2010, pages 48-50] and it turned out well. Thanks very much for the opportunity to write it. Ray Bottenberg Oregon Department of Transportation Bridge Preservation Salem, Ore. Editor's NotE Additional copies of ASPIrE may be purchased for a nominal price by writing to the Editor through "Contact Us" at the ASPIrE website, A free subscription can be arranged there using the "Subscribe" tab. ASP10-1625.indb 4 6/21/10 12:19 PM

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