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Background photo courtesy of Kiewit Pacific Company. In 2008, the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) will celebrate its 20th anniversary by hosting an international symposium on "Future Technology for Concrete Segmental Bridges" in San Francisco, California, on November 17-19, 2008. The expanded 3-day program will culminate the 20th anniversary celebration of ASBI and will feature keynote presentations by widely recognized United States and international bridge engineers, along with a tour to view the construction of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. ASBI has come a long way over the years, growing to 51 organizational member companies and a total of 264 engineers, contractors, and suppliers—all focused on the segmental bridge industry. The 2007 convention, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, attracted 415 bridge industry professionals, the largest ASBI convention to date. ASBI has achieved many goals and is well poised to support the segmental bridge industry in the future. ASBI was founded in 1988 through the vision and leadership of Eugene C. Figg Jr. In remembering those early days, Linda Figg reflects, "My father brought me into his office one day to share his ideas for what would become the American Segmental Bridge Institute. He believed that a focused organization with people from various industry interests would bring the greatest success to advancing segmental bridge technology. He thought Cliff Freyermuth would be excellent to manage the organization with his strong background with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and Post-Tensioning Institute. And now, 20 years later, ASBI has made significant achievements and Cliff Freyermuth has been a strong and dedicated day-to-day leader." FirST 20 yearS and The FuTure 1 ' S A M E R I C A N S E G M E N T A L B R I D G E I N S T I T U T E ASBI's founding members –— A moment in history Standing (from left to right): W. Burr Bennett Jr., consultant; Robert P. McCrossen, material supplier; Clifford L. Freyermuth; Eugene C. Figg Jr., consultant; Raymond Schmahl, contractor; Juergen L. Plaehn, material supplier; Seated (from left to right): David T. Swanson, material supplier; W. Jack Wilkes, consultant; and Gary L. Peters, contractor. By Linda Figg, FIGG and Ray McCabe, HNTB ASPIRE_spring08.indb 34 3/24/08 1:06:01 PM

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