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T H E C O N C R E T E B R I D G E M A G A Z I N E w w w . a s p i r e b r i d g e . o r g W I N T E R 2 0 0 8 Torrey Pines Road Bridge San Diego, California ERNEST F. LYONS BRIDGE REPLACEMENT Stuart, Florida ST. ANTHONY FALLS (I-35W) BRIDGE Minneapolis, Minnesota FIFTH STREET PEDESTRIAN PLAZA BRIDGE Atlanta, Georgia DEVIL'S SLIDE BRIDGE Pacifica, California DAGGETT ROAD BRIDGE Stockton, California 4 | ASPIRE , Spring 2008 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E Dr. Ahlborn's Perspective on Sustainability correctly champions the role of education in the realization of a sustainable future. Innovative solutions are definitely needed; however, none of the three "tenets" of sustain-ability (environmental, social and economic) deserve relegation to a diminutive role. Will merely shifting the focus of engineering education to social and economic tenets rather than environment issues solve our problems? Another question concerns whether an economic cost- benefit analysis accurately reflects environmental values. Social and economic well-being of our species, as we know life, depends on a healthy, sustainable environment . . . Engineering education must not restrict itself to the free-body diagram boundaries within an engineering project. It may not be appropriate to only examine efficiencies of a bridge joint when we need to holistically examine the entire transportation system and its relationship to our other life-support systems. Roger Patocka Estherville, Iowa [Editor's Note: Mr. Patocka raises significant issues concerning our standard design practice for transportation systems and our focus toward the environment. Individually, we may not have direct control over long-range solutions needed to affect change for the planet, but we do have choices in our design solutions and the materials that we select on a daily basis that will have positive impacts. This is one of the ultimate challenges of sustainability, changing our design philosophies to truly think holistically. See the article on page 16 that provides another installment in our goal of environmental awareness.] Congratulations on a great inaugural year and your vision that has been realized. This is a great magazine that allows the bridge professional to review the state-of the-art of concrete bridges in one publication. One of the few that I put in my briefcase to read whenever I have a moment. Jon Grafton President, Pomeroy Corporation Perris, Calif. The number of deficient bridges in most states . . . makes the focus of ASPIRE™ mag- azine very timely. ASPIRE gives us a good tool to learn from each other: about what works, what looks good, and what can get the job done with the least impact on the traveling public. Please keep it going! Hank Bonstedt Executive Director Central Atlantic Bridge Associates Allentown, Pa. First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on the quality of ASPIRE magazine. I thought the first issue was great and it just seems to get better with every issue! The latest issue of Aspire has PB as its company highlight. I'm especially interested in this issue because I've recently relocated to PB's Honolulu office and the cover shot is of Keehi Interchange just down the street from us. Taka Kimura Principal Engineer, PB Honolulu, Hawaii Innovative, Proven and Durable. BRIDGE POST-TENSIONING SYSTEMS: • 888.489.2687 Owners and design teams rely on VSL to provide innovative technology and proven systems to maximize the durability of transportation structures. A world leader in post-tensioning, VSL has evolved into a multi- disciplined bridge partner capable of providing contractors and engineers with design support, as well as construction systems and services for precast segmental, cast-in-place and stay cable bridges. SYSTEMS • BONDED MULTISTRAND • VSLAB+ ® BONDED SLABS • STAY CABLES • VIBRATION DAMPING SERVICES • SYSTEM INSTALLATION • DESIGN SUPPORT • HEAVY LIFTING • REPAIR & STRENGTHENING • EQUIPMENT RENTAL ASPIRE_spring08.indb 4 3/24/08 1:20:53 PM

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