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Integrated 3D Design ParaBridge ™ ParaBridge is a parametric 3D bridge modeling and design system that puts powerful and flexible bridge gen- eration, geometry, and design tools at your fingertips. Designed and created within the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET Framework, it represents the future of integrated 3D bridge engineering. Laying out a bridge has never been easier. Powerful mod- eling wizards help you rapidly import or enter bridge align- ment and roadway data. Girder and pier framing tools give you a highly-leverage means of describing the bridge lay- out. Piers and girders of multiple types can then be insert- ed into the project—all parametrically. All pertinent bridge geometry is solved by ParaBridge: deck elevations, girder lengths, bearing data, quantities, etc. Element design is smooth and seamless. Both PSBeam and ETPier are tightly integrated with ParaBridge. The main view is a true 3D object-oriented model of your bridge. Zoom, rotate, and pan the model in real time. ParaBridge utilizes technically advanced OpenGL graph- ics with no third party add-ins. The result: a high-perform- ance system with no need to purchase an expensive CAD system to run it. Yet the model can be seamlessly passed to CAD software as needed. PSBeam ™ PSBeam V3 is a high-perform- ance program for the design and analysis of simple-span or continuous precast, pretensioned or post-tensioned concrete bridge girders. PSBeam is the software of choice for many bridge engineers who demand flexibility, high performance, and rock-solid reliability. Virtually any precast beam type and pretensioning pattern can be handled by PSBeam. You can even extend spans using spliced girder technology. PSBeam can accommodate the needs of all stakeholders in the life of a girder—from design to fabrication, through to load rating. Eriksson technologies © 2008 Eriksson Technologies, Inc. ETPier ™ ETPier seamlessly combines the functionality of a state-of-the-art structural analysis engine with concrete column, beam, and footing design. Integration of these critical design tasks into one system means you get superior productivity and flexibility with improved quality control. ETPier is specifically designed for bridge substructures. Powerful parametric modeling wizards are included to facilitate rapid structure layout and generation. Specify which load combinations to investigate and ETPier will automatically process them and quickly identify the governing case for each component of the structure. Aspire_Cover_sum08.indd 994 6/25/08 10:22:57 AM

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