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The process was expedited in order to begin construction prior to the winter season. Photo: Mn/DOT. The 140,000 vehicles that used the previous eight-lane structure had to find alternative routes. The impact resulted in additional congestion on the local and regional road system, with a daily road user cost of $400,000. This impact value does not include the economic impact resulting from the closure of I-35W. Moving forward with the rebuilding effort was much more complex than simply replacing the structure. The roadway approaches did not meet current capacity or design standards. A large portion of the project site contained contaminated materials from past industrial uses. Stakeholders and citizen groups expressed differing views on the visual quality approach to the project. Site conditions included an Army Corps of Engineers lock and dam system, limited right-of-way to expand capacity, six railroad tracks under the structure, major underground utilities, and dealing with the removal of the collapsed structure. By working closely with stakeholders w i t h i n d a y s o f t h e c o l l a p s e , t h e Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) rapidly defined the scope of the project. The new I-35W bridge was to be reconstructed as two new river bridges, each built to accommodate five lanes of traffic in each direction for a total of 10 lanes plus standard-width shoulders. Project elements also included improving the geometric deficiencies in the corridor, reconstructing the ramps at the interchanges on each side of the bridge, and accommodating a future light-rail transit system on the new structure. I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge Planning the Replacement by Jay Hietpas, Minnesota Department of Transportation In a little over 1 year since the tragic collapse of the I-35W Bridge on August 1, 2007, two new river crossing bridges and their approaches will be completed this year. Although the contract requires that the construction be completed by December 24, 2008, the project was opened to traffc on September 18. The rapid replacement of the I-35W over the Mississippi River once again re-established the vital transportation link to destinations such as downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota. August 1 Bridge 9340 collapses August 4 Mn/DOT issues RFQ August 8 Five teams respond to RFQ August 8 Mn/DOT short-lists five teams August 23 Mn/DOT issues RFP September 14 Technical proposals due September 18 Price proposals due September 18 Mn/DOT interviews design-build teams September 19 Project letting October 8 Contract executed Schedule Prior to Contract Award 24 | ASPIRE , Fall 2008 ASPIRE_fall08.indb 24 9/15/08 4:02:18 PM

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