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Eight long-line casting beds were set up for the main span segments. Photo: Mn/DOT. The side spans over land were cast- in-place on falsework using the same box girder shape as the main span. Photo: Mn/DOT. The bridge consists of twin 1223-ft-long concrete structures, each 90 ft 4 in. wide using two box girders per structure. In addition to crossing the river, there is an overpass at 2nd Street, a crossing of an historic stone bridge abutment wall, a railroad track, hazardous materials site, multiple underground and overhead utilities, local street crossings, and National Park Service land. Shortly after the October 8, 2007, Notice-to-Proceed, Carefully planned design and construc- tion strategies by the Flatiron-Manson Joint Venture, with FIGG as designer, focused on a new I-35W Mississippi River crossing with sustainability, redundancy, and fast construction. This modern concrete bridge for the future maximized the use of local labor, local materials, and multiple concurrent construction operations to optimize construction through the Minneapolis winter. T h e M i n n e s o t a D e p a r t m e n t o f Transportation (Mn/DOT) set require- ments and expectations centered on a bridge life beyond 100 years. Mn/ DOT's vision allowed innovation and enhancements to traditional quality standards. The mission was to design and build a 10-lane wide, transit-ready, interstate bridge over the Mississippi River, with a 504-ft-long main span, in 15 months. The opening on September 18 meant a design-build delivery in 11 months while achieving the quality standards set for a long bridge life. profile I-35W St. Anthony FA llS BrIdge / Minneapolis, Minn. ContraCtor: Flatiron-Manson (a joint venture of Flatiron Construction Corporation, longmont, Colo., and Manson Construction Company, seattle, Wash. ) Bridge designer: FiGG, Tallahassee, Fla. ConCrete supplier: Cemstone products Co., Mendota Heights, Minn. post-tensioning supplier: Dsi, Bolingbrook, ill. Formwork supplier: eFCo, avondale, ariz. (segments and piers 2 and 3); symons, Bloomington, Minn. (pier 4) Soaring acroSS THE I-35W St. Anthony FAllS BrIdge A new crossing with sustainability, redundancy, and fast construction. 28 | aspiRe , Fall 2008 P R O J E C T ASPIRE_fall08.indb 28 9/15/08 4:23:06 PM

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