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22 | ASPIRE , Spring 2007 P R O J E C T The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) has taken a lead role in promoting the benefits of high performance concrete (HPC) in bridges because of its ability to improve the quality of the material and extend bridge life. Recently, the department took that focus a step further by using HPC and precast, prestressed concrete components to erect a 115-ft-long bridge in only eight days. The program's goal was to create a prototype system that could be followed for other projects as the need arose. Such rapid speed of construction provides a number of significant benefits. They include mitigating traffic delays and improving worker safety in construction zones, which are critical issues today. The initial plan was to design the bridge and prepare for the construction, so the actual assembly and disruption to traffic would be completed in two weeks. Ultimately, the contractor exceeded expectations by easily beating that schedule. Precast Box Beams Used The new single-span concrete bridge replaced two existing spans carrying Mill Street over the Lamprey River in Epping, New Hampshire. The bridge features a precast concrete, adjacent b o x b e a m s u p e r s t r u c t u re a n d a precast concrete substructure. One of the reasons that this site was chosen to test this procedure was that its location minimized the overall risk of using a newly developed and untested substructure system. NHDOT wanted to profile Mill Street Bridge / EPPIng, nEw HAmPSHIRE EnginEEr: new Hampshire Department of Transportation, Concord, n.H. DEsign/ConstrUCtion/insPECtion tEam: nHDOT, Bureaus of Bridge Design & Construction PrimE ContraCtor: R.m. Piper Construction, Plymouth, n.H. Pr EC astEr: J.P. Carrara & Sons Inc., middlebury, Vt., a PCI-Certified Producer Precast Bridge Built in only Eight Days by Peter E. Stamnas and Mark D. Whittemore. New Hampshire Department of Transportation minimizing construction-related traffic delays and improving work- zone safety are key drivers for new Hampshire Dot to create fast construction plan ASPIRE_spring_2007.indb 22 3/7/07 12:32:34 PM

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