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48 | ASPIRE , Spring 2007 A A S H T O L R F D T he AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures (SCOBS), a subcommittee of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Highways, is responsible for maintaining the LRFD Bridge Design Specifications through annual revisions and additions. The subcommittee basically consists of the chief bridge engineers of the 50 states and other territories and agencies. It is currently chaired by Malcolm T. Kerley, Chief Engineer of the Virginia Department of Transportation. At the annual meeting of SCOBS, revisions and additions to the various AASHTO bridge- r e l a t e d d o c u m e n t s , i n c l u d i n g t h e L R F D Bridge Design Specifications and the LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications are brought to the floor as agenda items. These items are recommended by the appropriate technical committee for adoption by the entire subcommittee. Those revisions and additions approved by the subcommittee are published in the subsequent year as interim revisions to the documents or if enough revisions and additions have been made over the years, incorporated into new editions of the entire documents. Currently, SCOBS has 20 technical committees, designated T-1 through T-20: T-1 Security T-2 Bearings and Expansion Devices T-3 Seismic Design T-4 Construction T-5 Loads and Load Distribution T-6 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites T-7 Guardrail and Bridge Rail T-8 Moveable Bridges T-9 Corrosion T-10 Concrete Design T-11 Research T-12 Structural Supports for Signs, Luminaries, and Traffic Signals T-13 Culverts T-14 Structural Steel Design T-15 Substructures and Retaining Walls T-16 Timber Structures T-17 Welding T-18 Bridge Management, Evaluation, and Rehabilitation T-19 Computers T-20 Tunnels The technical committees consist of members of SCOBS or their representatives, and one or two representatives of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The agenda items under development by the technical committees are generated by several sources. The more significant revisions and additions to the AASHTO documents come to the technical committees through completed research projects from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). The NCHRP is funded by the states and the FHWA and administered by the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Potential research projects to improve the suite of AASHTO documents are identified by Technical Committee T-11, Research, in conjunction with the other technical committees. The projects are recommended by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) for consideration by AASHTO's Board of Directors. The original edition of the LRFD Specifications was the product of NCHRP Project 12-33. Research problem statements come to Committee T-11 from various sources. The TRB committee system is one source of a prioritized list of research problem statements, which is submitted via the TRB Structures Section. Other research problem statements come directly from the other AASHTO technical committees. Research problem statements are welcome from a TRB committee, AASHTO technical committee, or directly to Committee T-11. For consideration by Committee T-11, the research problem statement must address one of the grand challenges identified in the 2005 strategic plan for bridges found on the SCOBS website. Other agenda items result from deficiencies of the AASHTO documents brought to the technical committees by the states, FHWA, or other bridge industry sources. Sometimes, the deficiencies are brought to the technical committees along with suggested revisions or additions to address the deficiencies. Other times, the technical committees work with concrete industry representatives to produce the necessary revisions or additions. Te c h n i c a l C o m m i t t e e T- 1 0 , C o n c r e t e Design, is responsible for concrete bridge- related design issues, for both reinforced and prestressed concrete in the various AASHTO documents. Their main responsibility is Section 5, Concrete Structures, of the LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. The 16 member technical committee is currently chaired by David Hohmann, Design Section Director of the Bridge Division of the Texas Department of Transportation. At the 2006 meeting of SCOBS, Committee T-10 brought nine agenda items to the floor of the meeting. The committee had been developing these nine agenda items and other working agenda items over the past year or more. This technical committee typically meets during the SCOBS annual meeting, the Precast/ Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Committee Days in the spring, the PCI Annual Convention in the fall, and the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI) Annual Convention, later in the fall. Technical Committee T-10's nine 2006 agenda items were passed by the full subcommittee and are included in the Fourth Edition of the LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, which was published at the beginning of this year. The next edition of this column will highlight the revisions and additions represented by these nine agenda items. For the most part, the annual meeting of SCOBS and its technical committees are open to the public. For more information on the AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures and its technical committees, and the 2005 strategic plan for bridges, go to This year's annual meeting of SCOBS will be held on July 8 through 12, in Wilmington, Delaware. For more information, go to aashtobridge2007/one_pg_welcome. Process for revisions and Additions by Dr. Dennis R. Mertz ASPIRE_spring_2007.indb 48 3/7/07 12:34:53 PM

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