ASPIRE is a quarterly magazine published by PCI in cooperation with the associations of the National Concrete Bridge Council. The editorial content focuses on the latest technology and key issues in the Concrete Bridge Industry.

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| ASPIRE , Spring 2007 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E "our Civil Engineering Chair [would like to] request 32 complimentary copies of your Winter 2007 magazine . . . There are many articles and information in this magazine that would be particularly relevant for his structures and concrete course students this semester." University of Portland, Oregon "I thought the inaugural issue of ASPIRE™ was outstanding! Good job . . . !" Chuck Prussack PE, Vice-President and General Manager, Central Pre-Mix Prestress Co., Spokane, Wash. "It is clear that a tremendous effort went into the magazine. It is very tastefully produced." Dr. Maher Tadros, University of Nebraska, Omaha, Neb. "I just finished reading the first edition of ASPIRE . [Your team has] put together a wonderful magazine. With the articles all centered [on] the concrete bridge world, it was impossible to put down the magazine until I had gone all the way through it. I can't say this about any other publication I receive. You have a real winner here. I noticed at least a couple of articles involving Wisconsin bridges. Thanks for including them. Overall, the articles covering design, construction and the AASHTO Spec. made for a well rounded presentation. Great work. I look forward to the next issue in a few months." Finn Hubbard, Wisconsin DOT, Madison, Wisc. "I just received and thumbed thru the first edition of ASPIRE —well done! Good articles, photos [and] content overall." Ian M. Friedland, Federal Highway Administration, McLean, Va. "We learned from a civil engineer about your exciting new magazine. I did submit a request for subscription . . . Thanks." American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Va. "Congratulations on a great first issue of ASPIRE . It just landed on my desk." Kimberly Kayler, Constructive Communication, Inc., Dublin, Ohio "I appreciated the great story on the Hays Kansas bridge. I learned of your website from KSDOT engineers last week and they had seen the story. I am the project manager for King Construction Company and was involved in both the removal of the damaged section and the repair of the structure. I really liked your article and it gave a very good overview of the situation. Thank you again." Brice Goebel, Hesston, Kan. "I enjoyed your inaugural issue of ASPIRE magazine. Last year I showed some of my students the damage to the Hall Street Bridge. Now I would like to show them the photos of the repair." Donald A. Andersen, Civil Engineering Dept., North Dakota State University, Fargo, N. Dak. "The new ASPIRE magazine is a great job and a welcome addition . . . Many thanks." Carl S. Buchman, Rochester, N.Y. ASPIRE_spring_2007.indb 4 3/7/07 12:23:37 PM

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