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Photo: Ted Lacey Photography | ASPIRE , Spring 2007 CONCRETE CALENDAR 2007 April 16-17 ASBI Grouting Certification Training University of Texas at Austin, JJ Pickle Research Center, Austin, Tex. May 18 PCI Bridge Design Awards Entries due May 6-8 PTI Annual Conference Radisson Hotel Downtown, Miami, Fla. May 7-11 World of Coal Ash Covington, Ky. May 7-11 Level I, Level II, and Level III PCI Quality Control & Assurance Personnel Training & Certification Schools Embassy Suites, Nashville, Tenn. May 14-15 ASBI Seminar on "Design & Construction of Segmental & Cable-Supported Concrete Bridges" Red Lion Hotel, Seattle International Airport, Seattle, Wash. May 22-24 NRMCA Concrete Technology Forum—Focus on High Performance Concrete Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Tex. June 4-6 International Bridge Conference (IBC) & Exhibition Includes ASBI Seminar on "Construction Practices for Segmental Concrete Bridges" Hilton Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. July 8-12 AASHTO Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures Meeting Also ASBI Executive Committee Meeting, July 8; ASBI Board of Directors Meeting, July 8 ASBI-AASHTO 19th Annual Reception, July 9 Hotel DuPont, Wilmington, Del. August 1 ASBI Bridge Award of Excellence Competition Entries due August 6-11 Level I, Level II, and Level III PCI Quality Control & Assurance Personnel Training & Certification Schools Embassy Suites, Nashville, Tenn. August 12-17 AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting Crowne Plaza Hotel, Denver, Colo. September 23-26 Western Bridge Engineers' Seminar & Exhibition, Boise, Idaho October 14-18 ACI Fall Convention El Conquistador, Fajardo, P.R. October 22-24 National Concrete Bridge Conference and PCI Annual Convention & Exhibition Includes meeting of AASHTO Technical Committee on Concrete Design (T-10) Hyatt Regency Phoenix/Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center, Phoenix, Ariz. Abstracts for papers being accepted until April 6. November 4-6 ASBI Annual Convention and Exhibition Includes ASBI Board of Directors meeting, November 7 Includes meeting, AASHTO Technical Committee on Concrete Design (T-10) The Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. M. Myint Lwin is Director of the FHWA Office of Bridge Technology in Washington, D.C. He is responsible for the National Highway Bridge Program direction, policy, and guidance, including bridge technology development, deployment and education, and the National Bridge Inventory and Inspection Standards. CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS Dr. Dennis R. Mertz is Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Delaware. Formerly with Modjeski and Masters, Inc. when the LRFD Specifications were first written, he has continued to be actively involved in its development. Mary Lou Ralls is Principal of Ralls Newman, LLC. She joined the Texas Department of Transportation in 1984 and was the State Bridge Engineer and Director of the Bridge Division from 1999 to 2004. Dr. Henry G. Russell is an engineering consultant, who has been involved with the applications of concrete in bridges for over 35 years and has published many papers on the applications of high performance concrete. MANAGING TECHNICAL EDITOR Stanley W. Woods worked for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for 42 years and was the State Bridge Engineer before his retirement. George D. Nasser is Editor Emeritus of the PCI JOURNAL where he has worked for 35 years. For links to websites, email addresses, and telephone numbers for these events, go to ASPIRE_spring_2007.indb 6 3/7/07 12:23:45 PM

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