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ASPIRE , Summer 2007 | 9 F O C U S HDR, Inc. has seen phenomenal growth during the past decade, watching its revenues and employees more than quadruple in that time. It has added a wide range of complementary services and offices throughout the country that have expanded the company's markets and expertise. That growth has not made them lose sight of their founders' original philosophy, even as they evaluate new technologies that help expand their capabilities. "Our motto back in our early years was 'Work Well Done,'" says Rob Turton, Vice President and National Technical Director for Bridges for the Omaha, Nebraska-based company. "That work ethic is part of our heritage and tradition. Today, our unofficial motto is, 'Do the right things for the right reasons.'" This year, the company is celebrating its 90th anniversary by reflecting on where it's been and preparing for the future. Because of its extensive portfolio and diversity of work, it's difficult to define the HDR style for bridges, Turton says. "There is no specific style, but there is a philosophy. We have to develop solutions that are extremely project specific, and that doesn't allow us to force a particular style. The design has to be honest if it's going to stand the test of time. Our goal is to provide a full spectrum of options, so we can create the right bridge for the right reasons." Those reasons have become diverse and complicated. "It's a new world compared to even 20 years ago," he says. "We have to make decisions about the structure type, materials, technologies, DOT preferences, public involvement, federal requirements for funding, and many other aspects that might not have been considerations in the past. You can't develop designs in a vacuum today." By Craig A. Shutt THe RigHT Bridge FoR THe RigHT reASONS Photos courtesy of Stephen Gould. "Compared to 15 years ago, our expertise has grown substantially. We now can do things we could never have done in the past." Rob Turton, Vice President and National Technical Director for Bridges ASPIRE_Summer_2007.indb 9 5/15/07 11:39:05 AM

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