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Construction of the elevated roadways was within the existing at-grade median, allowing toll paying customers on the expressway to travel freely during rush hours. The elevated roadway near Brandon uses colors reflective of the more natural environment, landscaping, and water features found in the area. Photos: ©FIGG 28 | ASPIRE , Fall 2007 In 2006, events across the United States celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Interstate system—Eisenhower's bold vision to solve logistic and economic issues of the 1950s. That transportation challenge was met with a powerful mobility plan that created a new system of highways to connect people, deliver goods and services, and improve the quality of life across the United States. Fast forward to today. Our cities have grown and the demands on our roadway system, including many of our interstate highways, require expansion to meet capacity needs. Many roadways are faced with failing levels of service and gridlock rules the day for far more hours than ever envisioned. Development has closed in on the boundaries of the existing roadway rights-of-way, prohibiting at-grade expansion from being available at any cost. One solution to provide the next generation of capacity in existing corridors, within existing right-of-way, is to create elevated roadways along the median. This offers the opportunity to double traffic capacity without the expense of right-of-way acquisition. This common sense transportation solution addresses urban congestion by combining the innovations of precast concrete segmental bridges, reversible express lanes, cashless open road tolling, and full electronic controls. The revolutionary "six lanes in six feet" freeway was designed by FIGG and constructed within the 46-ft-wide median of the at-grade existing Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway, saving the costly acquisition of expensive, urban right-of-way, while reserving the profile Lee Roy SeLmon CRoSStown expReSSway / HIllSboRougH County, FloRIdA EnginEEr and ConstruCtion EnginEEring inspECtion: FIgg, tallahassee, Fla. p rimE ContraCtor: PCl Civil Constructors, Inc., tampa, Fla. ConCrEtE suppliEr for Cast-in-plaCE and prECast ConCrEtE: CEMEX, tampa, Fla. post-tEnsioning suppliEr: VSl, Hanover, Md. awards: the project has received awards or recognition from six organizations. An ElEgAnt, ElEvAtEd, ElEctronic Solution To Urban CongesTion p recast concrete elevated tollway drastically reduces travel times by Martin Stone, Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority and Jose Rodriguez, FIGG 10802_Aspire_Fall07.indb 28 8/30/07 3:01:26 PM

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