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ASPIRE is a quarterly magazine published by PCI in cooperation with the associations of the National Concrete Bridge Council. The editorial content focuses on the latest technology and key issues in the Concrete Bridge Industry.

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4 | ASPIRE , Fall 2007 R E A D E R R E S P O N S E "I enjoy reading the ASPIRE ™ magazine and find it to be a fine addition to the periodicals available within the industry. ASPIRE definitely fills a niche which no other magazine does. As an advertiser, DSI sees opportunity in this publication. In browsing the latest (summer) edition, I was surprised while reading the Veterans Glass City Skyway project article. This is a project we at DSI are very involved with and proud of. As a major supplier for stay cables, post-tensioning, and reinforcement we were not mentioned in the profile." David Martin, DYWIDAG-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL USA, Inc., Bolingbrook, Ill. [Editor's Note: Mr. Martin was gentle with us when he discovered our omission. We do make every effort to recognize the important participants in each article. And DSI did indeed play a major role in this amazing project. FIGG got it right in their reporting to us…but we dropped the ball. A quality improvement change should eliminate the glitch. Our apologizes to DSI. In researching this information, we discovered that RJ Rebar, Muncie, Ind. should have also been mentioned as a supplier of other reinforcement.] "The department currently subscribes to your publication and would certainly like to continue as your publication is a valuable source of information for our employees. Would it be possible to place a link to the on-line version…on our Policy and Research Center Intranet site…?" Diana Sternitzke, Chief, Quality and Document Management Services, Illinois Department of Transportation "The 'Summer 2007' issue of the ASPIRE magazine is 'SUPERB.' The quality of the articles, illustrations and the magazine itself is way above any similar publications I receive. "I was especially impressed with the article by Rob Turton of HDR…' The Right Bridge for the Right Reasons.' Likewise: 'When Light is Better' by Ganapathy Murugesh of California DOT and Karen Cormier of T.Y. Lin International. "Both of these articles were describing the use of 'Lightweight Concrete' on bridges which are not simple ones but extremely complicated and above all they are gorgeous… "The Lightweight Concrete Technology has come a long way since the early 1960s when some of us young pioneering engineers used this material for bridges. "The contributions from the government agencies like M. Myint Lwin of FHWA, many other excellent articles and the 'Selected' audience guarantees nothing but SUCCESS for this long awaited periodical on bridges, the 'ASPIRE.™' Congratulations." George Laszlo, Consultant, Chief Engineer (Retired) [Editor's Note: Mr. Laszlo is in fact a "pioneer." He spent several decades as chief engineer for companies in the Pacific Northwest including Morse Bros. Mr. Laszlo ploughed much new ground for the prestressed concrete industry. He was also a contributor to the PCI JOURNAL.] 10802_Aspire_Fall07.indb 4 8/30/07 2:56:50 PM

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