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The new Benicia-Martinez Bridge is built of sand- lightweight concrete, cast-in-place segments with span lengths of 418 to 659 ft. Photo: T.Y. Lin International. 12 | ASPIRE , Winter 2008 ever done, bigger than their in-house staff can design," he explains. "As a result, they are looking to the design community to create ideas that will solve these challenges. The fun part is the technology transfer that occurs between the bridge owners and the other designers who become part of the process. We all learn new techniques, and there's a huge amount of energy created in the discussions." Design-Build Approaches to Grow He also sees this communication and partnership approach growing as design- build projects become more dominant. "Design-build has proven itself to be a legitimate option as a delivery system today, especially on larger projects with specific time constraints," he says. "It has become the project-delivery system of choice in many cases, and more owners are partnering with design-build firms to achieve their design goals." No matter the challenges it faces either as owner's representative or as engineer of record, TYLI's designers quite often design a structure that meets all of the client's needs using prestressed concrete. "We design a wide variety of concrete bridges, with steel bridges in the mix, when appropriate," he says. "We decide on each approach on a case-by-case basis. But the flexibility and economics provided by concrete today makes it a very strong choice." That's particularly true as aesthetics b e c o m e m o r e c r i t i c a l , h e a d d s . "Aesthetics are a key concern for communities, because most structures today are being placed into the built environment, where there are more c o n c e r n s a b o u t a p p e a r a n c e a n d impact. The footprint of the bridge and touchdown points, certainly, will affect the infrastructure, and communities are concerned about the skyline and how the projects will blend in." Concrete offers great potential for meeting any aesthetic needs required, from arched shapes to unusual textures. "The public gravitates to these designs and their unique look." A unique look was a key consideration for the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge now under construction between Clark County, Nevada, and Mohave County, Arizona. "The new Colorado River Bridge runs just south of the Hoover Dam and will be forever tied to that majestic landmark," explains Haussmann. As a result, its design had to complement "an internationally recognized structure nearly unsurpassed in its grandeur." To achieve that, TYLI engineers led a team that also had to decrease traffic congestion, protect the environment, 10973_ASPIRE_win08.indb 12 12/12/07 4:13:37 PM

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