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42 | ASPIRE , Winter 2008 D a g g e t t R o a d p ro v i d e s t h e l i n k between California State Highway 4 and Rough and Ready Island, a former U.S. Navy facility that was recently decommissioned and turned over to the Port of Stockton, California. The new structure replaces an old steel truss swing-span bridge over Burns Cut-off with a four-lane precast concrete spliced girder bridge. The Daggett Road Bridge consists of a three-span, spliced bulb-tee girder bridge with post-tensioned integral bent caps. Each girder line consists of three segments: two over the piers/end- spans and one middle drop-in segment. The 100-ft-long middle span drop- in segments had to be installed from cranes operating on top of the partially completed deck over the end spans. Both the framing plan and the erection scheme were necessary to avoid working in the channel. The unusual erection scheme produced some design challenges that had to be addressed. Most of these issues were related to the critical bending moment at the face of the bent cap. The combination of pretensioning and post-tensioning chosen to satisfy the stress limits resulted in exceeding the maximum reinforcement limit. This was overcome using a combination of design changes and analysis techniques. profile daggETT road BridgE / StoCKton, CAlIFoRnIA E NGINEER: dmJmHarris | AECom, Sacramento, Calif. P RIME CONTRACTOR: Shasta Construction Inc., Redding, Calif. P RECASTER: Con-Fab California Corporation, lathrop, Calif., a PCI-Certified Producer P OST-T ENSIONING CONTRACTOR: AVAR Construction Systems Inc., Campbell, Calif. by Ahmad Abdel-Karim, Thomas Barnard, and Orin Brown, DMJM Harris | AECOM ENVIRONMENTAL AVOIDANCE PRECAST ENABLES TOTAL The constructed bridge provides a durable, low-maintenance solution that blends well with its surroundings 10973_ASPIRE_win08.indb 42 12/12/07 3:32:22 PM

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