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F O C U S segmental, curved u-girders are putting construction engineering firm on growth path Summit Engineering Group Inc. has made its name on the cutting edge of construction engineering, becoming an expert in the use of precast concrete segmental girders on complex bridge projects. It has gained particular expertise in spliced, post-tensioned U-girders in urban locations. The benefits offered by these components has the firm poised for significant growth. "The development of the precast concrete spliced-girder and U-girder construction in many states has opened the door for the next big thing in the concrete industry," says Gregg A. Reese, founder of the 15-year-old Littleton, Colo.-based firm. "Precasting U-girders straight or for a curved alignment and splicing them creates extremely cost- effective options for complex bridge s t r u c t u re s . T h i s a p p ro a c h m o v e s plant-manufactured precast concrete components into a new arena." The company has done extensive work on a number of successful projects that demonstrate precast concrete's viability for future expansion. Reese has been involved with the design concept since its earliest days, having focused much of his career on concrete designs and segmental-bridge construction. He has worked for several bridge-engineering firms, including Figg & Muller Engineers in Tallahassee, Fla.; Austin Bridge & Road Inc. in San Antonio, Tex.; J. Muller International in San Diego, Calif.; Finley McNary Engineers in Denver, Colo.; and Bush Reese & Co. in Denver, Colo. Intracoastal Bridge is c atalyst Reese spent 3 years at Bush Reese & Co. working on building projects to pay the bills while developing the bridge engineering business. He started his own firm in 1995 after securing a contract for the intracoastal bridge along Surfside Beach in Angleton, Tex. The three-span structure features precast concrete I-girder approaches and a segmental concrete, balanced-cantilever main span. Summit Engineering Group by craig A. shutt Focuses on Precast InnovatIon Summit Engineering Group was the construction engineer for the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Bridge at Matagorda, Tex. The bridge was designed by TxDOT and built by Midwest Foundation Corporation. Photo: Dean Van Landuyt, TxDOT. The Ramp A flyover bridge in Wheatridge, Colo., features 11 spans of spliced, precast, post-tensioned concrete U-girders, including seven curved spans. Aesthetics were stressed because of the structure's prominent location for travelers heading to nearby mountain resorts. Photo: Summit Engineering Group. 8 | ASPIRE , Fall 2010 ASP10-1704.indb 8 9/17/10 2:05 PM

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