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CONCRETE CONNECTIONS In This Issue: This is a link to the publications page on the ASBI website from which the “Durability Survey of Segmental Bridges” mentioned in the Perspective article on page 10 can be purchased. This is a link to the “Tables of Frequently Requested NBI Information” on the FHWA website that is used as the basis for the analysis discussed in the Perspective article on page 10. From this webpage, various tables of data from the NBI can be downloaded, including data files from 1992 to the present. This is a link to a webpage for Steven Stroh’s dissertation for the University of South Florida titled “On the Development of the Extradosed Bridge Concept.” The dissertation provides the basis for the Project article on page 28 and can be downloaded from this webpage. This is a link to the webpage for Honolulu Rail Transit, the owner of the bridge described in the Project Profile on page 12. Information on the website includes a map of the entire project and progress reports on construction. Zone6 Curved Spliced Girders.pdf This is a link to a PDF version of the “Zone 6 Concept Plans” for curved spliced U-girders mentioned in the Profile on curved girders on page 24. This is a link to the Florida DOT webpage “Curved Precast Spliced U-Girder Bridges” that was mentioned in the Profile on curved girders on page 24. A version of the PCI Zone 6 U-girder details that have been revised to reflect specific Florida state policies and practices can be downloaded from this site, along with slide shows, presentations, and other information. This is a link to the archived Florida DOT Structures Design Bulletin 13-07 dated June 6, 2013, and titled “Spliced Pretensioned/Post-tensioned U-Girders,” which is mentioned in the Profile on curved girders on page 24. This document contains specific requirements for the design and construction of U-girders to Florida standards. This is a link to the TRB blurb on NCHRP Report 733, High-Performance/High-Strength Lightweight Concrete for Bridge Girders and Decks, which is mentioned in the FHWA article on page 36. A link is given to the blurb rather than the report because there are appendices to the report that can also be downloaded. This is a link to recently published FHWA Report FHWAHRT-15-021 titled, “Lightweight Concrete: Shear Performance,” which gives justification for some of the changes to the AASHTO LRFD Specifications mentioned in the FHWA article on page 36. The report will eventually be reformatted and posted in HTML as a webpage. Bridge Technology NEW This is a link to the course description for the recently released National Highway Institute (NHI) web-based training course FHWA-NHI-130103 titled “Post-Tensioning Tendon Installation and Grouting.” This free 6-hour course, for which CEU credit can be received, delivers content on post-tensioning principles, system components, and installation procedures—including testing and quality control procedures—which will assist supervisors, inspectors, and construction inspectors in performing their job. The course is intended to be an online complement to FHWA’s “Post-Tensioning Tendon Installation and Grouting Manual.” NEW This link is to the participant’s manual for the WSDOT 2015 ABC Workshop. It includes handouts for presentations given at the workshop. NEW This link is to a report developed for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development titled “Development of Wave and Surge Atlas for the Design and Protection of Coastal Bridges in South Louisiana.” The report discusses the development of a wave and surge atlas for coastal Louisiana and the determination of the vulnerability of select coastal bridges. Previous issues of ASPIRE™ are available to search and as pdf files, which may be downloaded as a full issue or individual articles. Information is available about free subscriptions, advertising, and sponsoring organizations. The National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC) website provides information to promote quality in concrete bridge construction as well as links to websites and publications ofits members. This website contains 78 issues of Concrete Bridge Views (formerly HPC Bridge Views), an electronic newsletter published jointly by the FHWA and the NCBC to provide relevant, reliable information on all aspects of concrete in bridges.

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