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C O N C R E T E C O N N E C T I O N S 46 | ASPIRE Spring 2016 This is a link to the Vermont Agency of Transportation's Accelerated Bridge Program website that is mentioned in the Project Profile article on page 14. It has links to all of the completed projects, including documents related to each project. Two projects are highlighted; a video of the installation and the results of a survey after completion are provided for one project. This is a link to the SHRP 2 Report S2-R04-RR-2: Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal: ABC Toolkit. The document describes standardized approaches to designing and constructing complete bridge systems for rapid renewals. This resource was used to identify strategies employed in the Caltrans replacement of the Fort Goff Creek Bridge described in the Project Profile article on page 18. This is a link to FHWA's Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) website, which provides a variety of resources for projects such as those in the Vermont Agency of Transportation's Accelerated Bridge Program and Caltrans' Fort Goff Creek Bridge replacement project. BridgeAndLandings/ This is a link to the WSDOT project website for the SR 520 Floating Bridge and Landings Project that is described in the Project Profile article on page 26. Project photos, renderings, and some videos are available on the website. Report_14_01.pdf This is a link to the initial report from the FHWA research project "Designing and Detailing Post Tensioned Bridges to Accommodate Non-Destructive Evaluation." The report provides a literature review and initial findings on promising NDE technologies for post-tensioned bridges as discussed in the FHWA article on page 36. webinar_archive/ This is a link to the webpage for archived monthly webinars sponsored by the ABC-UTC at Florida International University (FIU) where a recent webinar on the TDOT Fast Fix 8 project that was discussed in the Creative Concrete Construction article on page 40 can be accessed. Bridge Technology NEW This is a link to a website with a range of resources on slide- in bridge construction (SIBC) including six short courses just developed by Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University for FHWA. These user-friendly training materials can be downloaded from the FHWA website for individual use or for instructor-led events. NEW research/reports/577/577-criteria-and-guidance-for-the- desigh-of-integral-bridge.pdf This is a link to a report released by the New Zealand Transportation Agency that provides a summary of current practices relating to the design and construction of integral and semi-integral bridges. NEW This is a link to a report released by the U.S. Government Accountability Office that examines the current conditions of the nation's bridges, as well as changes in bridge conditions that have occurred over the last 10 years. publications.cfm This is a link to a webpage that has links to publications produced by FHWA's research and development program on the performance and use of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). This is a link to access the 79 issues of Concrete Bridge Views (formerly HPC Bridge Views), an electronic newsletter published jointly by the FHWA and the National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC) to provide relevant, reliable information on all aspects of concrete in bridges. The recently released issue focusses on durability of bridge decks and joints. Previous issues of ASPIREā„¢ are available to search and as pdf files, which may be downloaded as a full issue or individual articles. Information is available about free subscriptions, advertising, and sponsoring organizations. The National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC) website provides information to promote quality in concrete bridge construction as well as links to websites and publications of its members. Bridge Research NEW pubs/16017/16017.pdf This is a link to an FHWA report that investigates alternative cementitious materials for applications in sustainable transportation infrastructure. infrastructure/structures/bridge/14090/14090.pdf This is a link to the FHWA Report FHWA-HRT-14-090 which is titled "Bond Behavior of Reinforcing Steel in Ultra-High Performance Concrete" which is available for download as a PDF on this website. It will eventually be reformatted and posted in HTML as a webpage. Concrete Connections is an annotated list of websites where information is available about concrete bridges. Links and other information are provided at IN THIS ISSUE

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