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The article about the Route 198 (Dutton Road) over Harper Creek in rural Virginia that appears in this issue of ASPIRE SM is an interesting example of how lightweight concrete can be used to solve challenges for bridge designers. The most economical solution for rehabilitating the bridge was determined to be replacing the superstructure and reusing the existing foundations. Using lightweight concrete for the girders, deck, and railings made this possible by reducing the weight of the new structure and also addressed durability concerns about the brackish water being so close to the superstructure. While lightweight concrete provided a successful solution for this short-span, low-traffic bridge, it can also provide solutions for long-span, high-traffic bridges such as the I-5 Bridge over the Skagit River (see the Winter 2014 issue of ASPIRE ) and the Benicia-Martinez concrete segmental box girder bridge. For this 6500-ft-long bridge, which was featured in the Summer 2007 issue of ASPIRE , lightweight concrete was used for the box girder to significantly reduce foundation costs by reducing seismic loads. These bridges demonstrate that lightweight concrete is a valuable and effective design tool for bridges of all sizes and types. For more informa- tion on lightweight concrete in bridges, visit . Lightweight concrete solves a variety of design challenges Benicia-Martinez Bridge (Photo: John Huseby for Caltrans) Harper Creek Bridge (Photo: Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP) One hundred and HDR. A century of pushing the boundaries of what's possible. A legacy of bringing innovative solutions to every project—no matter the challenge. A future of collaborating and creating the only way we know how. Together. Congratulations to everyone who collaborated on the SR 520—the 2017 ACEC Grand Conceptor Award winner. There's a lot of innovation in this floating concrete bridge.

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