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KINO PARKWAY OVERPASS AT 22ND STREET by Jim Glock and Claudia Perchinelli, Structural Grace Inc. The Kino Parkway Overpass at 22nd Street was a vision of the Tucson, Ariz., community for decades. It was not until the passage of the Regional Transportation Authority's plan and a half-cent sales tax funding mechanism in 2006 that this overpass design could move forward. Kino Parkway Overpass at 22nd Street is a six-lane divided arterial roadway with a 20-ft-wide median island; it is planned to widen 22nd Street to a sixlane divided arterial as well. Prior to the construction of the interchange, the intersection of these two roadways was at grade and one of the more congested intersections within the city limits. To accommodate future traffic volumes, Kino Parkway now crosses over 22nd Street. The two roadways connect through a single-point urban interchange (SPUI). The SPUI (at grade) includes dual left-turn lanes for traffic from both 22nd Street turning onto the Kino Parkway on-ramps and Kino Parkway off-ramps onto 22nd Street. It is the first grade-separated SPUI constructed by the city of Tucson. As this interchange is located in a densely populated area within Tucson's core, a citizens' advisory committee (CAC) was formed to guide the city and consultant team in their approach to the visual aspects of the structure. Concern over the size and appearance of the interchange led to a variety of features that influenced the structure type. In particular, there was an interest to include many scale-reducing elements into the design. The design also needed to integrate aesthetic features into the structure, as opposed to "plop art" - surface treatments that lack meaning. In this vein, the theme of "structure from nature" was embraced, leading to cactus-rib-inspired fluted columns and art elements incorporated into the design. The project team relied on the unique collaboration of the bridge architect with the project. profile KINO PARKWAY OVERPASS AT 22ND STREET / TUCSON, ARIZONA BRIDGE DESIGN ENGINEER: Structural Grace Inc., Tucson, Ariz. PRIME CONTRACTOR: The Ashton Company, Tucson, Ariz. PRECASTER: TPAC (A Division of Kiewit Western Co.), Phoenix, Ariz. - a PCI-certified producer POST-TENSIONING CONTRACTOR/SUPPLIER: Consolidated Rebar, Phoenix, Ariz.; Dywidag Systems Inc. (DSI), Long Beach, Calif. OTHER CONSULTANTS: AECOM, Tucson, Ariz.; PSOMAS, Tucson, Ariz.; McGann and Associates, Tucson, Ariz.; GLHN, Tucson, Ariz.; EDAW, Phoenix, Ariz.; Barbara Grygutis, Tucson, Ariz. OTHER MATERIAL SUPPLIER: CAID Industries, Tucson, Ariz.

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