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Vector Corrosion Technologies INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR BRIDGE PRESERVATION. With the largest range of technologies and services to control concrete corrosion, Vector offers an innovative solution for most every budget and se rvice life objective. • Galvanic Jackets for Marine Piles • Galvanic Encasements for Severely Corroded Structures • Embedded Anodes for Concrete Repairs • Electrochemical Chloride Extraction • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection • Post-tensioned Tendon Impregnation Contact us at for a new catalog. Galvanode ® DAS Galvashield ® XP Post-Tech ® PT Impregnation Galvashield ® Galvanic Jacket activeNew.cfm?projectID=R1744 This is a link to the Douglas County, Wash., website about the Chief Joseph Dam Bridge. The construction of the replacement bridge is featured in a Project article on page 16. research-reports/bridge_deck_removal_w_cvr.pdf This is a direct link to Methods for Removing Concrete Decks from Bridge Girders, a 2014 report that reviews advantages and disadvantages of various deck removal methods. Hydrodemolition is a concrete-removal technique highlighted in a Concrete Bridge Preservation article on page 41. This is a link to the ASPIRE ® Winter 2018 issue with an article on the Interstate 91 Brattleboro Bridge. The bridge is described in the State article featuring Vermont on page 38. This is a link to the ASPIRE ® Spring 2017 issue with the article "Rochester Fast Four on VT 73." This article illustrates the use of accelerated bridge construction techniques in Vermont. Vermont is the featured state in the article on page 38. standard/bridge/ppbcstd1-17.pdf This is a direct link to Texas Department of Transportation's standard drawings for prestressed concrete bent caps. These bent caps are the topic of a Concrete Bridge Technology article on page 32. pdf This is a direct link to Guide to Nondestructive Testing of Concrete, a Federal Highway Administration technical report that has information on the maturity technique for estimating strength gain in concrete. The use of the maturity method is discussed in a Concrete Bridge Technology article on page 30. This is a link to the Winter 2017 issue of ASPIRE ® , which has three articles on inspection and quality of grout or flexible fillers in bridge structures. Quality of structures is the focus of the Editorial on page 2. That issue also features the state of Nevada and contains information on several Nevada Department of Transportation projects, including the Centennial Bowl project in Las Vegas, which is the topic of a Project article on page 12 of this issue. bowl-opens-wednesday-in-northwest-las-vegas This is a link to a video of the opening day of the Centennial Bowl Flyover in Las Vegas, Nev. The project is featured in a Project article on page 12. h t t p : / / w w w . a s b i - a s s o c . o r g / c f c s / c m s I T / baseComponents/fileManagerProxy.cfc?method=GetFi le&fileID=688B8860-F51E-0459-FC816AEE9F38F555 This is a direct link to Design and Construction of Concrete Segmental Bridges, an American Segmental Bridge Institute publication outlining the history and construction methods of segmental concrete bridges. Segmental concrete bridge design and construction is the topic of the LRFD article on page 44. OTHER INFORMATION aspx?ID=179 This is a link to the American Association of State and Highway Officials (AASHTO) website where one can view the table of contents or purchase the recently published AAASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation, 3rd edition. The manual has inspection procedures and evaluation practices that meet the National Bridge Inspection Standards. F i n a l % 2 0 R e p o r t % 2 0 U s e % 2 0 o f % 2 0 U l t r a - H i g h - Performance%20Concrete%20for%20Bridge%20 Deck%20Overlays.pdf This is a direct link to the Use of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete for Bridge Deck Overlays, which reviews the application of a thin layer of ultra-high-performance concrete on top of normal concrete bridge decks. C O N C R E T E C O N N E C T I O N S 40 | ASPIRE Summer 2018 Concrete Connections is an annotated list of websites where information is available about concrete bridges. Links and other information are provided at IN THIS ISSUE

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